Agile vs Waterfall methods

I’ve had an open mind about the Agile method of project delivery until recently. This post is going to compare my views on Agile vs Waterfall project delivery methods.

Previously I’ve been involved as a Project Manager working with both methods and my preferred method was Waterfall.

At that time though I really didn’t have enough experience with the use of Agile to make a really informed decision as to why I felt one was better than the other, but having recently worked on several more Agile projects I can now say that I feel I have a better understanding of which I prefer and why.  So, here are my thoughts.

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Rigour around project plan tracking – it’s a must

I cannot stress enough the importance of rigour around project plan tracking.

When you start a project you need to understand what it is that you are aiming to achieve at the end of your project.  This will of course take the form of detailed information in a Project Initiation Document or Business Case, sometimes both.

You should also have detailed business requirements (for IT based projects) which detail exactly what the system will/should do when you’re finished.  These will be used and validated during each of the project delivery phases, and especially in testing.

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